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The word "Bhutta Sports" represents Pakistan's most professional and committed manufacturer & exporter of Martial Arts Uniforms, Boxing products and Martial Arts Equipments, Bhutta Son's & Sports is the biggest manufacturer & Exporters for Martial arts uniforms, Boxing and Martial arts Protections is Asia. Bhutta Son's & Sports started business in 1992 at a very small scale. Now it is holding no. 1 position in Pakistan since 2004. Bhutta Sports manufactures and export best quality products, competitive with the international standards and economical prices comparable at global scale.


The higher management of the company is totally Professional and having a huge experience in the Boxing  & Martial Arts  Manufacturing  industry.  Bhutta Sports is proud to achieve its goal “To provide maximum facilities to the workers and buyers of martial arts uniforms, Boxing gloves and punching bags which were lacking in Pakistan.”

Our products are "CHILD LABOUR FREE" for which we have made special arrangement by providing in-house facilities for our total product range. Moreover we are much familiar about environmental pollution problems & have taken necessary steps to eradicate all manufacturing hazards which may disturb the environmental conditions, for instant we are using RE-CYCLEABLE materials to minimize risks.

We are here to serve you in the best way and hope you would really find our products suitable to your needs.

We are at your disposal all the times to serve you.

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Bhutta Son's & Sports